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Sutasoma is dexterity a game that aims to introduce Indonesian culture; this game is equipped with AR and VR to enrich the playing experience. Bringing local culture with modern concepts is the attraction of this game. Speed ​​and accuracy are the main mechanics in the Sutasoma game. Players will compete to match the token they have with the token pattern on the card simultaneously. The game can be played individually or as a team vs team. This game is suitable for children aged 7+, with a duration of 15 minutes, with 2-6 players. Besides being fun and insightful, Sutasoma also strengthens social bounding with family. Sutasoma is a solution to improves motor intelligence in contextual learning with localized content and integrated information, develops limitless imagination in children quickly. And walla, they are all packed in a beautiful design. 

AR & VR Sutasoma

The AR technology inside which equipped in Sutasoma makes the image feel more real.

There is the apps and when the card is faced to the camera it will pop up and telling the history of each figures with a cool animations. But to give a more real sensation, Sutasoma uses VR technology that has been contained information regarding tourist destinations, so that will makes us feels like sightseeing outside the house.

Latest awards

2020 Top 3 IDENTIK

Content Game

This game consists of twenty illustrations depicting five cultural treasures, the Story of Roro Jonggrang, the Story of Ramayana, Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, and Ratu Boko Temple.


Phenomenal game about Indonesian culture, learning history has never been this exciting!


The gameplay is very easy, but hard to beat. The simple method or the full version, both are equally fun


Play as a team, to collect authentic Indonesian history and culture cards. Let's ground the work of the nation's children.

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